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Ben's Mill

Updated: May 12, 2023

This post comes our way from board member Sally Fishburn, Sally's company, S.A.Fishburn, Inc. is dedicated to helping individuals (home owners, municipalities, non-profits, etc.) maintain the historic spirit and materials of their buildings though hands-on preservation, consulting, and design work.-Marc Sitkin

For years, well, for over a decade, I was involved with Ben’s Mill in Barnet, Vermont. The mill was built in 1872 and had several lives before it was shuttered after its last owner, Ben Thresher died. Eventually Hiram Allen purchased the mill and contents in order to save it and turned it into a non-profit. It is an awesome place and some time spent perusing their web-site will provide a good introduction. The link provided here goes specifically to the web-site page with a video of the construction of the pen-stock: . Enjoy-Sally Fishburn


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