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Committee Members
EAIA Standing Committees
Executive Committee:

Sally Fishburn – President -
Terry Wakeman – 1st Vice-President/Treasurer
Rodney Richer, Jr – 2nd Vice-President
Jane Butler – Secretary

Membership Committee:

Chair – Andrew Rowand

Don Griffin

Sally Fishburn -

Marc Sitkin

Preston Sweeney


Meetings & Programs:

Chair – John H. Verrill
Sally Fishburn
Terry Wakeman
Mary Ann & Tom Graham

Publications Committee
(The Chronicle & Shavings):

Chair – Patty MacLeish
Sarah Thomas-
Dan Miller -
Bob Roemer
John Verrill
Andrew Rowand

Endowment Fund Committee:

Chair – Heidi Campbell Shoaf
Paul Van Pernis 
Donna Page
Peter Hudson
John Verrill
Sally Fishburn
Terry Wakeman

Research Grants:

Chair – Heidi Campbell-Shoaf
John Verrill
George Lott
Carrie Blough

Awards Committee:

Chair – Denise Richer
Alice Roemer
William McMillen
Rodney Richer, Jr.

Nominating Committee:

Dana B. Shoaf

Website Committee:

Marc Sitkin
Cheryl Fox

Abraham Hyatt

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