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Fiber Fun at Pleasant Hill EAIA's Annual Meeting!

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Here we are..... a group photo of those who came to the very first EAIA's Fiber Interest Group meeting. We had 28 people who attended and brought items to share with the group. Below are photos of items that were brought to the meeting for show and tell. Members brought hand made items and textile tools. It was a great response to this newly formed group. If you would like to have more information about this group, join our EAIA Fiber Interest Group Facebook page, or read about what this group is doing in The Shavings. If you spin, weave, knit, quilt, sew, dye, collect textile tool, rug hook or any other fiber related interest.......we invite you to join this group. Our mission is to create an atmosphere in which the fiber and textile related industries will be promoted and shared. Our goals are to research, teach, demonstrate and have fun!


Story quilt by Gloria Elliott


Buford Blanton shows off the Base of an old spinning wheel from 1830.

Fiber Interest Group show and tell

Natural dyed and woven hand towels by Pam Howard


Collection of Shaker related fiber books. Hand woven and hand dyed silk scarf by Pam Howard.


Gwenn Lasswell demonstrating carding and spinning. Gwenn's Canadian Production Wheel

Quilt to honor Jay Gaynor

A lovely quilt that was given to Jane Rees to honor Jay Gaynor.

As I walked around I found the Shaker village a lovely place. The grounds, old buildings, the furnishings were so interesting to look at. Lots of the artifacts have been moved to the main Center Building where it is easier to get to see things. There are a couple of rooms that has fiber related items in it. Here are a few photos of what I found.

More of the loom room

Handwoven towels and a large spool rack

Handspun yarn

Natural dyed yarns located in the Center Building


Weaving loom located in the Center Building.

Take care, -Pam


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